GlassWire Network Monitor

Effective firewall software from GlassWire will detect the threats missed by your antivirus

Monitoring Network Activity

Network monitor conveniently displays your network activity, both current and past, on a smart and simple graph: you can see your network activity by application, traffic type, geographic location. To see what your server or computer have been doing, you can go back in time for up to 30 days. When you see a spike, click the graph of network activity to see what network event or application caused it.
With GlassWire, you will always know what network activity took place when you were logged out or away from your computer. With GlassWire’s graph, you will be able to go back in time and see what exactly happened.

Monitoring the Threats

GlassWire Network Monitor can detect and notify you of various threats, as well as of unexpected network system file changes, ARP spoofing, unusual application changes, DNS changes, so that you can take action and solve the problem. GlassWire can also carry out monitoring remotely, helping you to protect computers or servers located far away. After you install GlassWire on your PC or server you can look out for problems or unexpected threats wherever you are; if you see suspicious activity, you can instantly block it using the firewall.

GlassWire firewall displays all your network activity, so that you can view what your PC or server is doing in the background. The firewall also shows you the servers which your computer has been communicating with, so you can notice potential threats and block them in time.

If you have remote servers where you host applications or websites, GlassWire will monitor all your server network activity and warn you of potential threats. Besides, in the usage tab you can see how much bandwidth you are using, so you will always stay within the limits of your hosting company and block (using the GlassWire firewall tab) the apps that consume too much bandwidth or violate privacy.

Privacy above all

If you don’t want any network activity to be graphed, you can switch into incognito mode; you can also clear all your network activity quickly and easily, any time, using GlassWire’s history setting.