What are Internet Security? How can I protect my Privacy?

How to protect Privacy and what is internet security all about?

Simply put, Privacy is an opportunity for a person (or a particular group of people) to protect themselves or info about themselves which is disclosed; in other words, privacy means ability to express oneself only to the extent one wishes and no more. Different people may vary in opinions on what info to consider private, also, the culture the individual belongs to may matter as well. However, some of the matters are believed to be private by the majority of people.

When a person calls some info private, it means that it is sensitive or special indeed for this person. So, here the concept privacy is really close to confidentiality (security), which includes how this info should be appropriately used and protected. Protection of bodily integrity has everything to do with Privacy mas well. Constitutions of the most countries contain articles that state the right to privacy for citizens.

The laws on privacy, or constitutions of many countries include the right to be protected from unsanctioned violations of privacy by persons, corporations or the government. However, almost every country has laws that limit privacy to some extent. For example, taxation laws usually require sharing info about earnings and personal income. Also, privacy of an individual may conflict with the laws that guarantee freedom of speech. In some countries people may be required by laws to disclose the information which in other countries or cultures is considered private.

Internet security, which is a branch of computer security related to Internet activity, includes browser security and, on a more general level, network security. The goal of Internet security is to work out the rules and measures to prevent attacks carried out through the Internet. Generally, the Internet is not a secure channel for information exchange, which results in a high risk of various fraud scams like phishing as well as attempts of intrusion. A lot of diverse methods, including from-the-ground-up engineering and encryption, are applied to make transfer of data secure.

Software products like anti-keyloggers and anti-Trojans, anti-virus (AntiVirus) and anti-malware (AntiMalicious software), anti-Phishing software, firewalls, etc. are created to protect Internet users’ privacy and prevent attacks of various kind, as well as to facilitate recovery from such attacks if they occur.

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