How to make PC security alerts better? Make them twirl, jiggle

You are not only one person who at least once in a lifetime neglected of security alert message on your computer. Such admonitions invented against malware infections and hacks on computer networks. Unfortunately, we often ignore them because of our business or because we see them very often and just don’t mind even if these alerts are quite serious.

Anthony Vance, a professor at Brigham Young University, proposed the way out. He insisted that such little alterations like color changing of the alert message, making it twirl or jiggle when it emerges can influence greatly users’ perception and it will be harder for them to ignore these warnings.

Vance analyzed all these variable alerts and found out that nontypical messages have great advantages over typical static alerts. He conducted this study with the help of tracking users’ eye movements and brain activity.

He said that it seems absurd but by applying these methods in the experiment, we see a wide difference. It should be taken into consideration by the vendors during their products developing.

Professor also announced that PC users often put on one side warning messages because of multi-doing, for example during watching a video.

Vance is also examining both security and non-security alerts that emerge in the same style and with the same front face and color. He stressed that the similar look of secure and nonsecure alerts will be largely disregard by the users.

The conclusion is that security messages design must have a different public facade. Nevertheless, Vance does not promote developers to overcharge their consumers with a big number of messages.