MacKeeper™ plus a Personal Assistant

Just fancy – a real live expert will always be ready to help you fix potential problems on your Mac. It works like this: MacKeeper™ performs scanning of your Mac for potential problems and creates a report. After this, an Apple Certified Support Professional – your personal assistant – analyzes these data and offers you automatic fixes, depending on this analysis.

Keep your Mac Clean

With MacKeeper™, you can do kind of a spring cleaning for your Mac. First, the Memory Cleaner tool will optimize your Mac’s RAM. Second, you can easily detect and remove junk files using Fast Cleanup. Then, Smart Uninstaller will help you remove the apps that you no longer need. And, last but not least, with Disk Usage and Duplicates Finder, you will easily find and delete oversized and duplicated files. It is as simple as that – your Mac is up and running.

You Needn’t Wait

Your Mac will work faster, if you do some optimization, for example:

  • You can increase boot speed of your Mac if you select which apps should open on its startup, and which shouldn’t;
  • Don’t miss important updates for the apps you use most often;
  • You can quickly and efficiently do all the above-mentioned tasks by means of MacKeeper™ Update Tracker and Login Items tools.

Handy Tools

If you lost a file on your Mac, MacKeeper™ will help you find it. At first try to search for the file with the help of Files Finder. If you get no result, it means that you probably may have removed it to trash. But never mind – with MacKeeper™, you can restore the deleted file from the Trash using its handy Files Recovery tool. To avoid such incidents in the future, make use of MacKeeper™ Backup tool.

We Value our Users’ Privacy

MacKeeper™ can help you make your personal files disappear for everybody but you. Here are a couple of tips:
Use Data Encryptor tool to encrypt your files, protecting them with two passwords. Nobody except you will be able to get access to these files – just don’t share your password.
When you don’t need a file anymore, delete it from your Mac using a special Shredder tool – and nobody will ever recover it.

A reliable Solution Against Thieves

Both virtual and real-life thieves are equally nasty. But if you have MacKeeper™, you are protected from both. MacKeeper™’s Safe Browsing and Antivirus features will protect you against online threats like spyware, identity theft, malware, and others, and the Anti-Theft service will guard your Mac in real life. In case your Mac is stolen, you will get a detailed report about its location – and even a snapshot of this thief!