Malwarebytes Endpoint Security

Consistent Protection for your Enterprise

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security provide top-notch endpoint security based on innovative technology, which enables this product to protect businesses from attacks and, if an attack occurs, to mitigate damage more effectively than other security solutions. This software provides businesses with proactive protection against all threats, both known and unknown; what is more, this solution is scalable, i.e. expands with your business. Whatever the size of a company, it will be covered with the same highest quality protection. Attractive discounts are available to bulk buyers.

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security brought together advanced mechanism of malware detection and remediation, ransomware removing, blocking malicious websites, and anti-exploit protection into a single platform. This multi-stage protection against attacks enables companies of any size, from any industry, located at any country to stop the attacker at any time.

With Malwarebytes Endpoint Security, users receive the following:

Protection against 0day malware and ransomware

This innovative software protects corporate users from zero-hour threats like ransomware and malware, including the ones that most other security solutions overlook, which considerably reduces the risk of data loss and saves IT resources.

Scalable security

This product protects every workstation, whatever size your company is, optimizing deployment of the protection by means of the proprietary virtual deployment simulator.

Prevents infections due to malicious websites

The software prevents end users from accessing malicious IP addresses. It means that people are proactively shielded from hacking attempts and malvertising; they won’t download malware or be redirected to a malicious website.

All-inclusive reports

The program accurately detects vulnerable endpoints and provides comprehensive reporting on them, including XML logs in both human- and machine- readable formats for in-depth analysis.

Solves the Apple security gap problem

With its dedicated remediation-only client, this software quickly removes adware and malware from Mac workstations. Flexible deployment by means of using popular Mac management solutions are possible thanks to separate command line and GUI programs. It takes less than a minute to clean an OS X system from start to finish.