Panda Global Protection

Have all your devices fully protected

Panda Global Protection will protect all your devices: PC and Macs, as well as Android tablets smartphones from threats of any type. If you have a smartwatch Android Wear™, you will be always sure where your device is -just use the anchor mode. If your device is lost or stolen, an alarm will warn you, so that you will easily find and lock it. Panda Global Protection offers the best real-time antivirus protection against all malware, including the latest ones. With this software installed, you may browse the web, play online games, shop, communicate, being completely sure that your device is secure.
Please note that if you purchase a Panda Global Protection Pack consisting of three or more licenses, you can install one license only on a Mac computer.

Encrypt your files

It is extremely likely that you don’t want certain information from your computer, USB drive, or external hard disk to fall into wrong hands. If you have Panda Global Protection, you can have all your key documents secured and rest assured that all your important information is completely confidential. Moreover, you can delete files in a secure way, and nobody will be able to restore them even using hacking techniques or special forensic tools.

Use the handy password manager

Panda Global Protection also offers a user friendly password manager which will enable you to manage your access to all recourses by means of remembering a single master password. So, you won’t forget your password anymore!

Protect your kids – use a parental control function

This innovative antivirus software will protect your family members from unsuitable content they might see in the Web, such as porn, info about drugs or weapons, etc.). Parental control offered by Panda Global Protection lets your kids surf the Web but ensures that their online behavior is appropriate.

Take advantage of devices optimization

This antivirus has a helpful tune-up feature, which cleans your PC from unnecessary temporary files, cookies and other stuff that slow down the system. Using this feature improves startup time of the computer and removes invalid registry keys. Your Android ™ devices can be also optimized, so their battery life and performance will noticeably improve.