Panda Gold Protection

Supreme AV protection for every device

Panda Gold Protection will unfailingly protect all your Android™ devices, as well as PCs Mac® computer, against all threats. If you own an Android Wear™ smartwatch, with this software installed you will always know where it is; also, in case it is stolen or lost, you will be able to find it thanks to an alarm or lock it easily. Panda Gold Protection offers real-time protection against malware, including most sophisticated types of it. So, with this program you can safely browse the Web, play online games, shop, etc.

Take advantage of first-class customer support

What is more, the company offers users of its products high quality technical support at the best price. Experts from Panda Security will answer all your questions and give you good advice. Highly qualified technicians can connect to your device remotely in order to improve performance of your PC or smartphone, configure your home Wi-Fi network, tablet, smartphone, console or e-reader, update the operating system and commonly used software, clean devices from malware, etc.

File encryption and data protection

If you are an active social media user and enjoy Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you may need Premium services of Panda Gold Protection to enable you browse, upload and share various content safely. Safeguarding your files properly is also very important; so, qualified technicians will help you protect your valuable documents from malware which well may be hiding on your computer, USB memory drives or external hard disks. Also, it is important to delete files permanently so that nobody could ever restore such data.

Top-level parental control

This software will also protect your children from inappropriate content in the Internet like pornography, info on illegal substances or guns, etc. Your kids will be free to use the Internet but at the same time any behavior you feel is inappropriate will be tracked and recorded.

Improve your pc and smartphone performance

Expert-level help offered by technicians from Panda Security will enable you to improve performance and battery life of both your PC and mobile devices. A skilled specialist will remotely connect to your PC or smartphone, carry out a thorough tune-up, and you will be able to make the most of these devices.