Panda Internet Security

Supreme protection for your computer and all mobile devices

Panda Internet Security offers total all-in-one protection: your PC and Mac®, as well as all your mobile devices – Android™ smartphone and tablet, as well as your iPhone, iPad, and iPod – all of them will be secured with this innovative security software product. Surf the Web, communicate with your friends, shop and play games online without risk.

Internet security guaranteed: lock your Wi-Fi from intruders

Panda Internet Security is intended to bring you peace of mind, so that you can enjoy your favorite online activities securely. This software product provides efficient protection against viruses and online fraud for your PC, plus a reliable shield from intruders for your Wi-Fi and a firewall.

Safeguarding your data

Control access to your documents, personal data and all sensitive information. Our Internet security suite will enable you to use the Internet without fear of falling victim to cybercrime. Panda Internet Security provides iron-clad barrier against ransomware like CryptoLocker.

Never worry about backups

If you delete some documents or photos by mistake, you won’t have to recover them yourself anymore. With Panda Internet Security installed, you can simply choose the files you want to protect and rest assured that you’ll never accidentally lose valuable information.

Reliable parental control

With Panda Internet Security, your kids and teens won’t get hold of inappropriate content, such as info on drugs or weapons, pornography, etc. Parental control is a great solution that allows your kids freely use the Internet, but at the same time spots any inappropriate behavior and notifies you about it.