Panda Mobile Security

An unsurpassed AV for smartwatches and smartphones

Now, Panda Mobile Security offers permanent antivirus protection not only for your smartphone or tablet, but also for your smartwatch too! If you use the anchor mode, you will know where your Android Wear™ smartwatch is at any time. If your device turns out to be too far from you (i.e. probably lost or stolen), an alarm will be triggered and you will be able to easily find it; also, you can lock your device making it useless for the thief. And, of course, Panda Mobile Security keeps your Android™ device secure against hackers, malware, and all other threats.

Optimization of memory use and performance

Panda Mobile Security keeps track of the apps installed on your device, particularly of their size, CPU and memory usage; if necessary, any of these apps can be blocked.

Track and lock your mobile devices

The efficient location system applied by Panda Mobile Security will help users track cellphones and other devices in case they are lost or stolen. The system displays your lost or stolen tablet or smartphone on a map, so that you can you find it easily. Besides, if your gadget is stolen, you can lock it or wipe your personal data remotely to prevent the thief from using them.

Manage apps’ access permissions

With Panda Mobile Security, Android™ device user can check and display all the apps’ access permissions (i.e. rights to access to contact lists, bank accounts, photos, etc).

Anti-theft system and alerts

Every time somebody makes an attempt to unlock your gadget using a wrong password, you will receive a message with the device location and an image of this person. Besides, an alarm can be activated if anybody takes your mobile device without your consent.