Panda Mobile Security

Enjoy peace of mind with the best antivirus for smartphones and smartwatches

Permanent antivirus protection for your smartphone, tablet and now your smartwatch too! If you have an Android Wear™ smartwatch, use the anchor mode to make sure you know where your device is at all times. An alarm will be triggered if it becomes too far apart, allowing you to find and lock it easily. Panda Mobile Security protects your Android™ device against all types of malware, hackers and other threats.

Performance optimization and memory management

Panda Mobile Security analyzes the consumption of the apps installed on your device, and reports on their size and CPU and memory usage, blocking them if necessary.

Track lost devices and lock them to prevent being used

Track lost or stolen cell phones and devices using Panda Mobile Security location system. It tracks and displays on a map your lost or stolen tablet or smartphone to help you find it quickly. You can remotely lock the device or wipe your personal data to prevent access to your valuable information.

Control access permissions of all installed apps

Check and display the access permissions of the apps (access to contacts, bank accounts, photos, etc) installed on your Android™ device.

Snap the thief and theft alerts

If someone tries to unlock your device with the wrong password, you’ll get an email with the picture of the ‘thief’ together with the device location. Also, an alarm will be triggered if someone picks up or moves your device without your consent.