Sticky Password Premium

A really secure form filler and password manager

When you have Sticky Password installed, you won’t have to remember passwords or fill out forms anymore. You will receive an automatic online form-filling tool and password store with sophisticated military-grade encryption; what is more, you will be able to access your password store at any time and from any device that you authorize.

Remember just one password

  • With Sticky Password, you will easily manage all your personal data and passwords;
  • The forms will be filled for you automatically;
  • If you need a strong password, it will be generated for you;
  • Your credit card numbers will be also securely stored;

Your data will be completely safe

Sticky Password applies AES-256 encryption, which is also used by the military agencies. Optional synchronization through local Wi-Fi ensures that your encrypted data will never leave the devices they’re stored on. Nobody will know your master password for the manager except you – we won’t know it, either. State-of-the-art fingerprint scanning is applied to enhance security.
Password database auto-lock is available for your smartphone, tablet, and computer.
It is you who holds the keys: if you wish, you can delete the entire database manually from the cloud at any time.

Compatible with all major platforms

Sticky Password works on PCs, Macs, as well as on Android / iOS mobile devices.
Supports 16 browsers on all major platforms.
Synchronization through local Wi-Fi is available; optional synchronization through our cloud servers is offered.
Manual offline synchronization is also optional.
USB portable version is available.

Handy backup

If you lose your device or data stored on it, a backup of the encrypted password database is available in the cloud –if you wish, you can use this option and restore your data.
The cloud backup can store a few previous versions of your password database.