Sticky Password Premium

The secure password manager and form filler

With Sticky Password, you’ll never have to remember a password or fill out a form again. You get automatic online form-filling, military-grade encryption for your password store, and anytime, anywhere access to that password store from any device you authorise.
Sticky Password brings together security and convenience to give you an easy access to your password store and sensitive account data wherever and whenever you need them.

Only one password to remember

  • Sticky Password manages all your passwords and personal data;
  • Automatically fills in forms for you;
  • Generates extra-strong new passwords, whenever you need them;
  • Stores credit card numbers for express checkout;

We secure data just like the military

AES-256 encryption the world’s leading standard also used by the military.
Optional synchronization via local Wi-Fi – your encrypted data never leaves your devices.
Your master password for the manager is not known to anyone – not even to us.
State-of-the-art biometric authentication: fingerprint scanning.
Password database auto-lock – on your computer, tablet and smartphone.
You’re in control: at any time, you can decide to delete the database manually from the cloud.

Sticky Password works across all major platforms

Works on your PC, Mac, Android / iOS tablets and smartphones.
Excellent browser support: 16 browsers on all 4 major platforms.
Synchronization via local Wi-Fi.
Synchronization via our cloud servers – only if you want.
Optional manual offline synchronization.
Perfect portability (USB portable version).

Practical backup

There’s an encrypted password database backup available for you in the cloud in case you lose your device or data stored on it – only if you want.
Cloud backup preserves several previous versions of your password database for you.