The operating principle of Antivirus Software

What is software working principle for preventing PC performance from malicious elements? The question remains unclear, because antivirus programs are considered to be a Chinese puzzle. But one cannot deny their complicatedness.

Nowadays malwares are more misleading by nature and own a high possibility to penetrate into PC system. Actually, they have diverse names and goals, but all are directed to the disadvantage of the PC user. The basis of the malware prevention is a proper understanding of their functionality.

Antivirus software lacks rationale of its own to determine whether a file is authentic or not. They contain numerous layers of procedures and probability maps to find the infected source and to abolish it. “Dictionary method” is one of the oldest and the most frequently used methods for it.

Antivirus software includes a special embedded dictionary that is constantly growing with the signatures of the malware encryption. Antivirus program would run a check on the PC system to discovery any parallels with this dictionary. If such matching is found, it would destroy the corruptive code by stopping it from further duplicating.

‘Heuristic Detection’ is one more refined way of finding the virus. It differs from ‘Dictionary method’ by the antivirus ability to inspect the program operation by running it in a sandbox if any questionable outcome emerged. When appearing suspicion, the file is flagged, so, the user is warned about a problem occurrence.

The central feature of the antivirus programs is their real-time detection of the virus. They always keep an eye on your device security to avert virus from entering through memory unit, web, disk slots, etc.

Despite of the fact that many innovative tactics were created for PC activity securing, there are certain trap doors, wrongdoers make a profit on. It is impossible to foresee all possible codes using by hackers. If they affect your PC system, the damage might be irreparable despite of all antivirus attempts to get rid of the virus.

Recently, malwares are created with “oligomorphic”, “polymorphic” and “metamorphic” virus codes, containing better protection for penetration from antivirus programs. They masquerade themselves to not correspond with the signature in the dictionary.

Antivirus software attempts to overwhelm the impact of different viruses and to safe your PC from the inventive hackers. Some corporations prefer hiring hackers to better understand their tricks. It is recommended to be an attentive user who would be invulnerable for all these attacks, to train good browsing habits for preventing your sustem from unwished and potentially precariously consequences.