VIPRE Internet Security Pro

Protect Your Home PC from Most Dangerous Security Threats

VIPRE Internet Security Pro offers cloud-enabled innovative active protection together with cutting-edge behavioral analysis; it protects users against all existing as well as emerging unknown ones fast – all without slowing down your PC.

Cloud-Enabled Protection

Cloud-Enabled Advanced Active Protection is an innovative technology created to better protect you by means of inactivating new threats before they do harm to your system. What is more, this protection gets smarter every day thanks to the feedback about newly discovered threats ensures VIPRE keeps.

Instant Detection of New Threats

VIPRE Internet Security Pro disables and removes different spyware, viruses, Trojans, exploits, etc. really quickly without affecting the system performance.

Instant Behavioral Analysis

Behavioral Analysis technology helps to determine whether potential cyber threats are harmful to your PC or not.

Instant Lookup

Cloud-based Live URL Lookup provides you with the latest protection from malicious websites.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive User Interface makes configuring and using VIPRE extremely easy! Selecting and scheduling scans, checking for current definition updates, customizing application of patches, and much more – all this will be done very quickly and effortlessly.

Protection for web browsers

Edge Protection™ function reliably secures you from zero-day threats – it shields your web browsers as well as components of browsers from drive-by downloads and exploit kits.

Safety in Social Networks

Social Watch™ function scans your Facebook page to find the links that could potentially expose both you and your friends to various online threats or infect your PC with viruses, Trojans, and other malware.

Safety of your Internet Explorer® browser

With Search Guard™, (for Microsoft® Internet Explorer® V8 or later) you will browse safely – this function identifies the links that could infect your computer with Trojans, viruses, other malware or online threats.

Timely updates

Auto Patch™ automatically updates all software on your PC, which solves the problem of vulnerable software – the most frequent cause of infections.

Trouble-free installation

VIPRE Easy Install™ ensures smooth installation process and elimination of possible software conflicts.

A strong and reliable firewall

A Two-Way Firewall protects quickly and easily secures incoming and outgoing Internet traffic; for advanced users, customizable settings are available.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Email Protection

Spam Filter filters out all unwanted email and safeguards you against spam, which can contain malicious URLs, and phishing emails.
Email Virus Protection protects your email against Internet security threats, including viruses, if you use Windows Mail, Outlook®, Outlook Express, or any other email program based on SMTP or POP3.

Protection against threats

All-in-One PC Security will detect and remove spyware, viruses, rootkits, Trojans, bots, and other malware. Anti-Malware Engine, based on powerful advanced anti-spyware and antivirus technologies, provides users with comprehensive security that doesn’t slow down the system. Multiple detection methods, which it uses to monitor the system, allows it to protect users’ PCs against all online threats in real time – including even 0day attacks. Advanced Anti-Rootkit Technology disables sophisticated hard-to-remove malware, which commonly hides deep within your computer.

Blocking Malicious Websites

Bad Website Blocker prevents you from inadvertently accessing malicious websites, which can expose your computer to various Internet security threats.

Scanning Removable Devices

A special function scans removable drives, e.g. USB flash drives, and files stored on them automatically for various threats, right after a removable drive is connected to your computer.

Erasing Files and Cleaning History

With Secure File Eraser, an option “Erase Files” will appear in your Windows Explorer menu, so that you will be able to eliminate all traces of deleted files permanently.
History Cleaner will efficiently removes your browsing and search history, as well as the histories stored by many commonly used applications.